Is this an academic site or not?

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Posted by Bei Dawu on March 02, 2000 at 17:22:59:

In Reply to: Letters removed posted by Jonah Winters on February 23, 2000 at 06:47:53:

In a better world Cole's opinions (Lord knows he has earned the right to voice them) would be noted and others would agree or disagree them as they pleased. Apparently you guys can't stand the possibility that public learned debate might call into question one of your basic beliefs.

Is it "off-topic" in this forum to reject something that Haifa Baha'is fervently believe? If so, then the result can't be called academic. Very erudite, perhaps, but without a unwillingness to allow criticisms to be aired, the essence of scholarship is missing. What's left is just a more complicated version of those glossy little pamphlets that oppose racism and favor world peace.

I might add that your religion's vaunted ideals of "independent investigation of truth," fairness and openness toward other perspectives, etc. are honored mainly in the breach under these circumstances. (Ever hear a Baha'i object to backbiting against a "Covenant-Breaker?" I am neither a Haifa Baha'i, nor a non-Haifa Baha'i, nor an ex-anything but I have to say that when I learned of your religion, I was enthusiastic. Now I am repulsed.

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