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Posted by sahba sobhani on March 04, 2000 at 18:33:47:

Below is a pilgrim's note that was forwarded to me.

I wish you a very happy Ayyam-i-Ha.
Last week I returned from pilrimage in Haifa and just to brighten your day, I thought that I must share the folowing.

As it is customary, almost every evening the pilgrims gather at the pilgrim house to hear either a house member or one of the I.T.C members. One night House member, Mr. Glenford Mitchell gave us this exciting news. Kufi Anan, the secretary general of the United Nations has called the governments of the world to a summit in September, where global issues of wealth, health, equality of sexes etc.. may be discussed. However, as a prerequisite he has also called for another global summit comprising of N.G.O's, who would first table and discuss global issues and make appropriate recommendations to the world summit held in September. This preliminary summit apparently is to be held in April 2000. Now the exciting part is that the Baha'is and the World Women's organization were nominated to jointly chair the this N.G.O summit. But, the Women's organization have bailed out for some reason leaving the Baha'i world to chair and lead this summit. Thus we would effectively lead humanity in solving it's global problems.

Now isn't that something?!

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