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Posted by Shari Harder on April 19, 2000 at 21:18:17:

In Reply to: Bogus? Peace, man! posted by RC on April 05, 2000 at 19:07:15:

I am SOOO excited to have been led to this site! I was raised in a Protestant home and am inclined to believe that this name was rightfully placed upon this sect and all it's denominations. If a person chooses to seek TRUTH outside the realm of its borders, they protest! I was introduced to the Book of Mormon in 1994 and it is a subject that raises the hackles of everyone I talk to. I do not believe that anyone who is sincerely seeking TRUTH could read it and still believe it is NOT of God.

Within its pages, it states that God speaks to ALL nations, That when the nations come together, the testimony will run together also and He does this to PROOVE unto many that He is GOD. Because we have the Bible, we need not think that it contains ALL His words. And for those who would embrace the interpretation of the plates, making up the Book of Mormon, He says that He would bring forth His words in the writings of all nations and that at some point each would have the writings of the other. Meaning we should EMBRACE His words. To NOT put limitations on an omnipotant GOD! The Book of Mormon was translated in 1830. I believe that we are at that point when HIS WORDS are coming forth from all nations.

Another thing, I DO believe, is that when it comes to The Bible and the words that speak of Jesus being the only way, I believe this to be true for the English language. I think people stumble over the fact that religions have names for their embelished teachers which is not the name Jesus. BUT in my studies of the background for the basis of the TRUTH of the Book of Mormon, when Christ appeared in the America's, in actual Mexican, Latin American, South American cultural traditions that SUPPORT the records of the Book of Mormon and Jesus appearing in this hemispere after His reserection, these traditions, when observed from their language, give Jesus more than ONE name. This is why we have to go into the actual Hebrew language and consider that in THEIR culture, the Hebrews where more into the meanings of the name. Now if a person were to take all these different names for this SAME personage that is steeped into the traditions of the Mexican, Latin, and South American peoples, and look at the actual meanings of these individual names, I would wager bet that they would be one in the same.

Now if a person were to run that one by most any narrow minded protestant, true to form, they would put up some sort of a protest. They'd even protest that they are narrow minded! As a matter of fact, I'm married to one! It is terribly hard for me to not feel free to share all these wonderful truths that I have read at this site with him. But I feel that I am the one who is responsible or my own spiritual life and I want ALL that God has to offer. I just KNOW that God has the COMPLETE CAPABILITY to have appeared in the America's after His resurection and can speak to representatives in ALL nations and I even believe that He CONTINUES to give revelations in this present age. I may well be WRONG, but at least I'm open to whatever God has for me. PLEASE if anyone would like to contact me in regards to what I have written here, please DO! Respectfully, Shari Harder

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