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Posted by Fleur Bartlett on April 23, 2000 at 09:25:42:

My name is Fleur Bartlett. I'm a Drama Teacher and musician who is setting up a Theatre Company in Northamptonshire, England,UK, to promote and education children on the concept of 'World Citizenship'. As a Baha'i I am obivously seeking to promote spiritual solutions to societal problems and my understanding of 'CITIZENSHIP' is quite different from the general British understanding of it being merely a conciousness confined to the Nation alone.

I have identified 9 (good number....) areas which cover the themes inherent in the concept of CITIZENSHIP as a local, national and international educational theme. These nine areas are;

1. Living in a global society.
2. Unity in Diversity.
3. Individual empowerment.
4. Service and the community.
5. Consultation.
6. Justice.
7. Respecting the environment.
8. Sustainable development.
9. Universal education.

I would be interested to know of anyone else who has identified this educational area, as an artist or a teacher, and who would like to discuss methods, approaches and understandings with me. I feel we have a responsibility as Baha'is to work alongside teachers, artists, managers, mothers etc. To teach the Faith through the education and application of the spiritual understnadings given to us by Baha'u'llah. It is our responsibility to make them a reality in the world, to pass on the knowledge we have.
You see, I have had enough of merely talking about the Faith, I want to DO, to BE and to educate young people how to be amazing, creative, unified, empowered individuals who each contain preciuos gems within them. Gens that need to be discovered and polished, so that they can truly become citizens of this tiny world we all share.

Yours, in His service, Fleur Bartlett

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