Baha'i writings on "meditation"

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At some point in the past, I thought I had found online a compilation on prayer and meditation, but now I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where I can find it online? Or more to the point, perhaps someone can direct me to information regarding my particular question.

I've always been a little unclear as to what is meant by "meditation" in the Baha'i writings. I know that the actual method is left to the individual, but I've always felt like I need more direct guidance.

I know one Baha'i who was a devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda before becoming a Baha'i, and still practices that form of meditation. I know another Baha'i who practices TM. As for me, I'm still a little unclear on the official Baha'i stand on these practices.

For instance, if I learn TM, am I joining another religious institution? If so, then it's prohibited. Another example: how do I reconcile the fact that some of the beliefs of the eastern religions which have spawned these meditative practices are in direct conflict with the Baha'i teachings? Does that preclude me from using these methods? If I can't use any of the existing methods from the eastern religions, then what exactly is Baha'i meditation?

Sorry if I'm rambling, but I'm having a little difficulty translating my "book learning" into spiritual practice.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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