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Posted by Nunna Yur Beznez on August 14, 2000 at 17:21:18:

In Reply to: Re: YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM AND SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT ISLAM. posted by db on July 21, 2000 at 20:06:17:

db -

With regards to your comment, "(I) also like to call attention to other people's
hypocrisies and fallacies":

For your information, I believe that I was pointing out that people of any faith
- as well as no faith at all - have every right to visit whatever web site on
the Internet that they wish, and to indicate their approval of or displeasure
with the contents. I was attacking your original response because you don't
seem to think that the Baha'i Faith should be allowed to be treated the same
way as any other topic of intellectual or spiritual pursuit. Evidently, some
people in this world still haven't caught on to the fact that computers and the
Internet are the liberators of the 21st Century, allowing oppressed and
unrepresented peoples a chance to express themselves, where they would normally
have no other recourse but to risk their very lives in doing so. In my
previous reply, I wanted above all else to emphasise, possibly to an extreme,
that democracy is essential to the victory of human understanding and progress.
In other words, if there is to be no open discourse of ideas, how then, can we
expect to acquire the answers to our problems, let alone achieve anything,
singly or together? I totally agree with you, believe it or not, that those
of any faith not putting into practice the teachings and writings or their own
faith, by denigrating someone else's culture and religion, have no actual grasp
of the beliefs of their faith. Although this is inexcusable, especially when
some people, having been taught to know the difference should know better, it
happens: as humans, we're all guilty, at some time or another, of a sense of
superiority to others. In this same vein, perhaps this is the very reason I
am guilty of this very same offence, because having once been a Baha'i myself, I
felt justified in mocking my former faith, since I had become so utterly
disenchanted and disillusioned by all of its trappings.

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