Please Help End Psychiatric Violence and Human ights Violations

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Posted by Victoria D. Gaines on August 31, 2000 at 21:49:31:


I have been surfing the Net looking for individuals and organizations such as yours in an attempt to elicit the aid of ordinary citizens to help end psychiatric abuse in the United States and abroad. Although my email (and site) addresses issues in the United States, I know that psychiatry is practiced much the same worldwide.

Please visit my site which is titled The Story of a PROUD Nut Case. It is about the politics of the involuntary psychiatric commitments of a Spiritual, confident, free spirited, nonviolent, unconventional and enthusiastic (hence "manic") woman who found herself swept up into the insane world of psychiatrists and forced "treatment."

It is a horror story of another face of America that denies millions of its citizens basic human rights while mocking, denigrating, abusing and traumatizing them.

The last thing you want to do in one of these" treatment" centers is to demand your legal rights for you will then be assaulted and injected with powerfully debilitating psychotropic drugs as happened to me.

Luckily, I learned quickly the rules of the game and was able to escape from their violence and insanity by going to court and successfully contesting their "expert" diagnosis and prognosis.

Millions of others are not so fortunate. They desperately need the help of Americans like you, who are not stigmatized with the label of mental illness, to stand up for them or with them to demand that all citizens enjoy full rights of citizenship and protection from violence, mistreatment and abuse.

How can you help? You can educate yourself and help educate the public. You can join marches. You can respond to alerts. You can stand up in defense of the allegedly insane. You can make the civil and human rights of the allegedly insane as important as the rights of any other group of people. And, if possible, you can link to my site to make the cause of social justice for psychiatric clients/survivors/victims/escapees more easily accessible to the general public.

Please join with psychiatric survivors to humanize this profession and to end the tyranny of psychiatric coercion.

Thank you for seriously considering what I have written here. The address of my Web site is:

At the minimum, I hope my site will make you think differently about so-called mental illness and the functions of psych wards.

If I'm lucky, perhaps, my site will inspire many of you to get actively involved in this fight for justice for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Remember these psychiatrists act in your name. Is this really how you want them to treat fellow citizens who have committed no crime? Do you really want them representing you and what America stands for? I hope not.

Most sincerely,

Victoria D. Gaines (

A PROUD Nut Case
(Wouldn't, couldn't, be anything but!)

P.S. For more information about widespread psychiatric fraud and abuse, please visit these other sites: 1), 2) and 3) Happy learning!

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