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Posted by Nunna Yur Beznez on September 06, 2000 at 17:59:53:

In Reply to: Re: YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM AND SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT ISLAM. posted by Woodhouse on September 03, 2000 at 05:24:59:

Hey Woodhouse dude,

As a matter of fact I did 'get' db's response; but, as *admitted* by db, db was
pointing out our Muslim friend's supposed 'hypocrisy', and then my own, in my
follow-up response to db's initial follow-up response. And, to give credit
where it's due, at least db admitted being hypocritical, as well. So, to be
completely honest - since we're amongst friends here - you might say that we
are all guilty of being hypocritical here. Inasfar as it goes with religious
people supposedly being the *only* ones to open their mouths before thinking
things through, logically: I have to say, *now that I am unaffiliated with no
religion whatsoever*, that it's not merely religious people that are guilty
of that offence. This is a human trait; that's it, that's all. The same goes
with war: It is far too easy to say that all war is caused by religion.
There are many, many other causes; most usually when humans decide to argue
with, fight or murder other humans out of reasons concerned with 'differences'
that can be classified as class-based, economical, ideological, military,
political, racial, religious, resource-based, or whatever. Despite what I
may presently think of the Bahai Faith, I do still strongly feel that religion
adds an extra dimension of value(s) to human life, if the believer(s) practise
their religion as it was intended to be - including and especially in
particular, upholding the sanctity of human life (therefore, no killing of any
kind and for any reason). Additionally, I think that atheism, humanism, and
rationalism not only present an alternate mode of thinking, but also challenge
people to think, period; hence, again, adding to our value (and its application)
spectrum. Please remember that fanatics come in all stripes; not necessarily
always the religious kind. I mean, over the past century alone, fanatics such
as Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot murdered millions between them, yet no one ever
says that Communists or Communism are/is the cause of war. So, there you have
it. I could go on and on, but I think that you must be intelligent enough to
'get' the idea that I'm trying to get across. As we Canucks are so fond of
saying, "Have a good day, eh?!".

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