Irfan 2000 Colloquium: Mysticism and the Baha'i Faith

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'IRFÁN 2000

A learning experience and a stimulating forum

6-9 October 2000
Louhelen Baha'i School

'Irfán Colloquium and Seminar are annual opportunities for those interested in the study of Bahá'í Writings and basic principles of Bahá'í beliefs. It is a learning experience and a stimulating forum for dialogue and exchange of information and opinions. The Colloquium and Seminar convene at the Louhelen Bahá'i School in two concurrent sessions one in English and one in Persian.

The main theme of the Colloquium this year is "Mysticism and the Bahá'í Faith" and will includes presentation and discussion of eight research papers. The Seminar is devoted to presentations on selected Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh revealed during the Akka period, such as Splendors, Hikmat (Wisdom), Land of Bá, Glad Tidings, Ornaments, Effulgences, Words of Paradise, Maqsud, Hádi, Amváj (Waves), Raqshá (She Serpent), Mustagháth, Saháb (Cloud), Jamál (Beauty) as well as Surahs of Vafá, Amin, Amr , A'ráb, Dahaji, and Al Mursil.

The faculty and Paper presenters include Dr. Nader Saiedi, Dr. Frank Lewis, Dr. Mueen Afnani, Mr. Habib Riazati, Dr. Iskandar Ha'i, Dr. Todd Lawson, Dr. Ghasem Bayat, Mr. Jack McLean, Dr. Ruhhullah Khoshbin, Mrs. Parivash Khoshbin-Samandari, Mr. Peter Terry, Dr. Susan Maneck, Mr. Brian Wittman, Mr. Le Roy Jones, Mr. Theo Cope, and Dr. Iraj Ayman. Musical performances are coordinated and conducted by Mr. Manuchehr Vahman.

Participants will receive a set of materials including a volume of selected papers, and a booklet of abstracts of the presentations. Due to limitation of facilities at Louhelen early registration is necessary.
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