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For those interested in what conference participants will be receiving, and whether or not non-participants can also get copies of these materials, I've posted an explanation by conference co-organizer Dr. Iraj Ayman:

There are several series of Irfan materials in English:

  1. Program and abstracts booklets for each one of the Colloquia.
  2. Proceedings or collection of papers. Selected papers from the first two Colloquia are published by George Ronald under the title of Revelation and Scripture. The papers presented in 1999 and received for publication by the end of that year is being printed under the title of THE LIGHTS OF IRFAN, Book One. This will be available in October 2000 and can be ordered from BDS
  3. Handouts which are for the use of those who attend the colloquium. They include informal translation of Tablets, outlines of the lectures, bibliographies etc.

For those who can use Persian materials there are several other series:

  1. Program and abstracts booklets.
  2. Collection of papers published under the general title of SAFINE-YI IRFAN. So far three volumes are published. Book Four is being prepared for publication. Each volume has a list of contents in English language. They can be ordered from BDS or Images International
  3. Occasional papers and monographs such as: Mathnavi-yi Mubarak published in 1998 Lawh-i-Ittihad (Tablet on Unity) due in 2000
  4. Guidebooks for the Study of the Writings of Baha'u'llah. Books One, Two, and Three are published. Book Four is being prepared. They include summaries of the Tablets of Baha'u'llah that have specific titles and are published in original language.
  5. Handouts specific to various presentations. No. 4 and No. 5 are for those who attend the Colloquia.

Iraj Ayman

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