Photo of the Bab

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Posted by Nima Hazini on September 15, 2000 at 23:01:59:

(Note from Jonah Winters, editor: the following exchange occured via email. Due to its broader interest, and with the permission of Hazini, Stauffer, and Dr. Ayman, I've scanned the photo in question [click here] and posted the whole exchange to this bulletin board. In light of the general consensus that this photo is *not* of the Bab but is indeed of Sayyid Rashti, I've scanned the photo and included it. -J.W.)

Jonah, can you scan that picture facing pg 3 of Kalimat's Studies in Babi and Baha'i History volume 1 and put it on your page. It's NOT Siyyid Kazim, but actually the Bab.

The picture in question is well known for being that of the Bab. Compare the pictures in Moojan's Introduction to Shi'i Islam of Siyyid Kazim and Miller's of the Bab, and the result yields a similar person, i.e. Siyyid Kazim Rashti. The picture on page 3 of SBBR is of the Bab, and the proof is in the identification on the left hand side of the picture, which written in shikastih says "Hazrate Nuqta" (His Holiness the Point). Check it out! Why the Research Department denies it, is well beyond me.


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