Wilmette Institute course on Baha'i Theology

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Posted by Jonah Winters on October 10, 2000 at 01:02:42:

Wilmette Institute
Studies in the Bah?'? Faith Program
World Religions for Deepening and Dialogue Course Series
Introduction to Bah?'? Theology

The Wilmette Institute is pleased to announce that it has scheduled a course on Baha'i Theology to begin November 1. The subject should prove of practical use to Baha'is wishing to obtain a grasp of many of the most basic and central teachings of the Baha'i Faith: its concept of the nature of God, how that God guides humanity through revelation vouchsafed unto Manifestations, the nature and purpose of the Manifestations and their successive teachings (progressive revelation and the Covenant), the nature and purpose of human beings and their physical existence, the nature of physical creation, and the nature of the next world. In short, Baha'i Theology answers the basic questions human beings have always asked about the nature and purpose of life. The course should be a great help in answering seekers? questions about the Faith and providing a context in which other Baha'i teachings fit together.

DATES: November 1, 2000, to January 31, 2001

TEXTS: Selections from Julio Savi?s Eternal Quest for God, John Hatcher?s The Purpose of Physical Reality, and other readings selected by the Institute.

FACULTY: Our faculty for this course includes Dr. Julio Savi, author of The Eternal Quest for God; Dr. Robert Stockman, head of the the Research Dept. at the United States Baha'i National Center; Mr. Zaid Lundberg, who has published works on Baha'i and Christian theology online; and Dr. Iraj Ayman, a professor emeritus of the University of Teacher Education in Iran who holds doctoral degrees in both education and psychology and has taught classes in spiritual development for the Wilmette Institute.

COST: The course tuition is $150, or $120 for students joining as members of local study groups. Financial aid is available.

For more information, visit http://wilmetteinstitute.org/theology.html , or write to info@wilmetteinstitute.org. To register for a course, visit http://wilmetteinstitute.org/applications

Jonah Winters, registrar

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