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Posted by victoria bonds on November 01, 2000 at 12:28:10:

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: I am looking for any materials, other than here or Caspers page, possibly older deepening materials, about this Writings. Please Email me directly. Thanks you, Sally-Ann

My answer would be..from direct experience..
back in 1969,Sept..I chanted it to find out
whether I should join the Bahai Faith.
I asked to see the Future of Mankind.
what I saw was a prediction that was
in allignment with the Prediction of
the Tablet that Ab dul baha
revealed..Tablet of the Holy Mariner..

It is about How the Black Beauties
or Suns..
the Bahai Saints such as the Hands
who went to Bahaullahs Presence
had the Infidels hanging on to them
trying to reach God without Bahaullah..
at the same time..
and then,
being cast down..into the abyss..
they sit and wait for the
Black Beauty to come of age
and, be ready to walk
the path of knowledge in the
fourth chamber of the heart
of the seven and four valleys..

they suffer in the abyss..
devising all kinds of different
ways to eat the Black Beauty
one..they are locked up
in this bardos..or truth
place of Gods..
until the Holy Servant or
Lesser Prophet like unto
olinga..falls into the abyss
after learning
and descending slowly
because they are eating his tantra
light to stay alive..
until there is no more.
He goes down chakra,by chakra
until he is in his hips then
the reckoning..
he is shiva..and destroys all their
dreams that are maya as a group
that rode him up..into the heavens
when He went to the Presence of
Bahaullah the Father come back in
the Glory of God..
He is Olinga, and, the Ones to ride
Him are the Little Olingas..
both anti Christ and Christ,
he reforms them until they shine
like a light house and do
good for the world..
I do believe that malcolm was one
and martin Luther King another
companion dear..
so..I to experience this lesser
Prophet fallible state
and have the church of don juanism
that I am advising in regards
to Bahaullah and the Bab..
I have other Quetzalcoatl religion
Heads as well that I dialog
with.. in the esp
like they are my Friends and Guru..
or Lesser Prophets..that are helping
me with my circle of are they
disciples, or are they the
anti Bahai..
so..I am Freya..the Lesser fallible
One or prophet to come back
a Maid of Heaven that comes down
from the exalted Heavens.
and chambers where I was in the
Presence of the Blessed Beauty
but they ate of My tantra light
and i fell inward into the abyss
hearing their witchy voices
and barks of demolition..
they were by the time Icome
down..some of them.vampires..
without conscience..
Carlos castaneda and I met
over this situation
for they had congregated
around him as well and we
dreamed or wrestled with this
group for 4 years hard...
I am learning how
to keep from dying so much,
and getting my power
or my Black Sun Crow
pulled over to them for
their use.
I have done what I can
to teach them about the Bab
and Bahaullah and How
Don Juan relates
but I find they do not
care much about any of these
Glorious Youths
in the Desert..
so what to do..
well, I am a good teacher in
relating Great Spirit
Prophets that are lesser and fallible
to the Blessed Beauty..
and His Plan ...
for the Most Great Peace..
basically it means
not many churches who are outside
the Bahai Faith will live..
only the Ones that are the Ones
to salute the Bab..up the Miracle
Mile will live, simply because
the Bahai Community and the Universal
House of Justice Infallibility
the Ark of Salvation
will hold up these outer churches.
the Dailai Lama gave His Sash to
the Bab in Oblegance..and Obedience
He will have a Successful Church..
He eats of the Energetics of the
Blessed Beauty, No doubt.
many Heads of states including princes
have visited the Shrine..
and been thus rewarded with prosperity..
and blessings for their people..
the ones that dont..
they do die in the dust..
My Sun is the Sun of Frega and Odin
and, I am a Devout Bahai..but
I wonder if I am able to drag
the Don Juan church up the Hill..
Carlos is putting out a new book
in april and will see what happens.
His area around the church of don Juanism
is very dismal and chaotic..
they took don juans name away from him
and he is Odin and is upset
about it..
He come to me for sanctuary and help
and expected me to pray the heavens
down for him to help..
they did come down these Maids
of Heaven..the whole group..
and they are active in helping Him
and healing the rifts in the don Juan
area of His disciples and followers..
it is a nasty affair to raise a
church even of the lesser gods..
or the lesser prophets..
unless they love the Eagle..
or the ONe to come..
Bahaullah and the Bab
they are the ones to surely
or go awry and have many sad
disasters from the outsyn
with heaven..
when using these black beauties
or suns ..
of Bahaullahs Glory
if one uses them wrong
these whales of truthing
these bardos..
if one uses them wrong
or dirties them rapes
like satanics will
or irresponsible
disciples may..
disaster can happen..
victoria bonds..
this is the meaning of the tablet
of the holy mariner
to Me.
thank you..
allah u abha..

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