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Posted by Jonah on December 03, 2000 at 07:10:12:

In Reply to: Please tell me posted by Doyle on December 01, 2000 at 10:55:19:

Dear Doyle,

You've asked about this word, as well as a number of others earlier: "darshaan," "kotashaan," "doulab," and "wassl."

Unfortunately, I don't recognize a number of these words as Arabic or Persian. Some, like "darshaan," could be a colloquial pronunciation of a Sanskrit/Hindi word, but I'm not sure. "Wassl" strikes me as being either an Arabic or a Welsh word, but I don't want to say which ones until I know exactly what you're asking. Could you give some context? Like, where you've encountered these words, or if you know that language they're from, and finally do you know if they have alternate transliterations?

If these are Arabic or Persian, we can help a bit. I asked Dr. Iraj Ayman, and said "The two words that I can recognize are: (1) "doulab"
which is an area in the southern part of the present day Tehran. In the old
days it was a suburban village of Tehran. (2) "Wassl" is connection or
connecting two things."


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