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Hi. I see that these are not terms related to Baha'i studies after all, so the fact that we couldn't translate them for you makes more sense now. But if you're a non-English speaker I can at least tell you what these words would mean in the grammatical context of what you've quoted, below.

Looks great mounted on a wassl plaque.

I don't know what this one means. Sounds pretty obscure.

Transferred to supervision of offshore dredging at Mina Jebel Ali, including initial operating trials of the new Al Wassl Bay

Here, Wassl is the name of the Bay, it would seem.

Tehran, one of the northern villages of the historic city of Rey, had an indeterminate existence prior to Islam. After Islam, where reference is made to Doulab and Aliabad and Tarasht no mention is made of Tehran.

It seems that all of these words are names of cities or towns, so "Doulab" is probably also the name of a town.

The Workers 1650 male voice ID. with announcement (Farsi)"Prnamahy
Moshtarika Radio Hizbe Komunist Iran Inseda he Kurgar Radio he
Sazmani Kurgarony Englaby Iran Rahy Kurgar,

Here, Rahy seems to be a name, but I'm not positive.


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