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Posted by Christiane on January 24, 19101 at 21:34:53:

In Reply to: Re: Bahai sexual ethics survey. posted by James Turpin on December 16, 19100 at 05:19:07:

Dear James

I agree with what you say. I came accross as an old maid, didn't I? I reacted to the survey as if a Baha'i ( and maybe so) had posted the questionnaire, and interpreted it as if he/she were trying to find out our personal habbits, imperfections, struggles etc..Then compile the info and use it to, I don`t know really. The Baha“ Faith is a wonderful religion for me, and I always fear that people will get the wrong impression of us. What I didn`t want, is for non-Baha'is to think that Baha'is like to keep tabs on Baha'is personal lives, which we don't. I hope I'm explainig myself well. Thank you for replying to what I had said, it made me reflect on what I was really reacting to in that survey.


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