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Posted by Rob on May 02, 2101 at 20:35:31:

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I suppose one would have to be clear what the Baha'i definition of "martyr" is before jumping to the conclusion that it is solely one who willingly dies at the hands of an enemy of the Baha'i Faith for being a Baha'i. We know from Baha'i history that a Baha'i martyr can also be defined as one who forsakes their life in service to the Cause of God, and this includes dying from sickness (i.e. Keith Ransom-Kehler). Since the documentation of the early years of the Faith are few, and we can only speculate what the number of secondary deaths were of families who may have suffered starvation, disease and other problems after the male "head" was martyred, it may never be known the exact number of those who suffered martyrdom.


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