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Posted by Rob on May 16, 2101 at 22:48:15:

In Reply to: Parental Consent in Marriage posted by Nick Stone on May 16, 2101 at 18:26:38:

It is true that in cases of parental disownment, consent is not necessary in most cases as determined at the time by the National Assembly.

In cases of adoption it is sometimes the case that laws do not permit any attempt to trace or locate the natural parents, again a valid reason consent is not necessary according to Baha'i law.

The reason for consent is to honor the natural parents' right of decision-making in such matters and at the same time account them responsible before God for their decision. By virtue of having disowned a natural child the parent has lost their rights of consent, and this is but justice.

There is nothing in the Baha'i Writings prohibiting the same exercise of decision-making and responsibility on the part of parents who have adopted children and the adopted child accepting their decision.

It would be interesting to know if the Universal House of Justice could legislate on this matter and require adopted children to obtain consent for marriage from the parents who adopted them.



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