Re: Are there Baha'i in China?

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Posted by Jonah on May 23, 2101 at 15:50:22:

In Reply to: Are there Baha'i in China? posted by Afanti on May 22, 2101 at 19:53:07:

There are Baha'is in China, and without doubt in every country of the world. The Encyclopedia Britannica lists the Baha'i Faith as the second most widespread religion, after Christianity.

However, it is important to recognize that the status of Baha'is in many countries is quite sensitive. In some countries the Baha'i Faith is literally illegal, and in others the practice of all religion is or very recently was illegal.

We thus should not disclose email addresses of Baha'is in China, though they of course are welcome to do so themselves. But by posting your email address here you have taken a good first step. I have no doubt that a few people will contact you privately.

-Jonah Winters

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