Meddling with alchemy

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Posted by PatK on May 25, 2101 at 20:54:32:

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Thank you for your stimulating discussion of Baha'i scripture.

In the "Lawhi Hikmat", Baha'u'llah says that Philosophy finds its impetus in Revelation. Perhaps Empedocles was a contemporary of Zoroaster. If Zoroaster is commonly believed to have lived 500 years earlier, the point gets obscored in the controversy of the dating of Zoroaster.

Gleanings XCVII echoes a theme in the "Kitabi Iqan". This is not about alchemy itself, as it appears. In fact Baha'u'llah belittles alchemy as fantasy, on page 189 of the "Kitabi Iqan". Rather, the copper to be converted to gold, or back, is the soul of man; see p. 157 of the "Kitabi Iqan". So, I don't think Baha'u'llah was understood to be referring to metals.

Yet, even on the material plane, atomic fusion is the process of converting the elemental hydrogen into elemental helium and fission entails conversion of heavier elements, such as Uranium or Plutonium, into lighter ones such as Lead. Yet, I doubt that Baha'u'llah was referring to that. BTW, copper to gold is not done widely because it is not cost effective - it takes special equipment and a lot of energy.

- Pat

PS: If you'd like an open forum to tell Baha'is how utterly deceived they trooly are, try talk.religion.bahai.

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