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Posted by Jonah on May 26, 2101 at 16:00:41:

In Reply to: Listen posted by Robert on May 26, 2101 at 15:41:30:

This is a bulletin board for discussing aspects of the Baha'i Faith for those with questions about it, not for simple statements made about it.

I deleted your earlier postings that consisted simply of (I quote) "get a life" or "you are in a cult." This is partly because they were anonymous.

If you would like to discuss whether or not the Baha'i Faith is a cult, that is an entirely valid question and a worthwhile discussion. I would encourage you to describe what exactly you think a "cult" consists of, including both general connotations of the word as well as the more technically defined socio-religious categories of "cult." I would then encourage others, both Baha'i and not, to respond with their thoughts about what constitutes a "cult," and whether the Baha'i Faith could properly be termed that, or if it would be more appropriately labelled a "New Religious Movement" or a "World Religion."

This discussion has already been begun by at least two items online, one on "cults" at http://bahai-library.org/essays/cult.html and one on "New Religious Movements" at http://bahai-library.org/essays/nrm.html.

If you would like to offer any further comments about these topics and seek others' input, we would welcome your discussion. Since your thoughts are both valid and valuable, please include your full name and correct email address. Anonymous postings will be deleted.

Sincerely, -Jonah Winters

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