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Posted by PatK on May 26, 2101 at 16:50:32:

In Reply to: Listen posted by Robert on May 26, 2101 at 15:41:30:

:R: I've posted a couple of messages on this board but it seems they are deleted by those that you follow.

PK: Though I admire Jonah, who runs this place, he is not one of our leaders. He is an intelligent fellow with some interest in the Baha'i Faith, the curiousity to gather information, and the courage and integrity to do it in an unbiased fashion. Some of the information is accurate, and some IMHO is not. But I will tell you this, loud and clear: Jonah is not hiding anything just because it may appear unflattering to the faith. If it looks vaguely academic, he will have it here.

:R: One can only imagine it's because your "leaders" don't want you to gather all opinions, suggestions, and information so you can draw your own conclusion. It only stands to reason if what you are being told is the truth and the only truth that you wouldn't need to be shielded from the thoughts of others.

PK: Reality is not about what you or I imagine. Reality is greater than that.

- Pat

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