Re: Baha'u'llah can't be a prophet of God.

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Posted by David on May 27, 2101 at 02:10:21:

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"I think partly the answer lies in that it is God who knows everything, and God who decides when to supply His Manifestation with the appropriate knowledge." --
a) Baha'u'llah says that it's up to him: "Thou knowest full well that We perused not the books which men possess and We acquired not the learning current amongst them, and yet whenever We desire to quote the sayings of the learned and of the wise, presently there will appear before the face of thy Lord in the form of a tablet all that which hath appeared in the world and is revealed in the Holy Books and Scriptures. Thus do We set down in writing that which the eye perceiveth."

b) From what I understood, Bahai Writings affirm that the Manifestation can't know the Essence of God i.e. Háht - the realm of the "Absolute Unknown". But that's the only difference that I could find between the knowledge of God and of the Pophet in the Bahai Writings.

I don't understand, do Bahais believe that Manifestations are omnipotent? Is it possible to join the Bahai Faith without accepting this notion (based on arguments which I brought on)? Why do Bahais, on the one hand, admit that Muhammad didn't know the Arabic alphabet, but yet they can't accept that Baha'u'llah didn't know the dates of birth of some western philosophers?


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