Stop accusing the host

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Posted by PatK on May 27, 2101 at 09:44:53:

In Reply to: Re: I had deleted your messages posted by Robert on May 26, 2101 at 23:13:20:

Dear Robert,

Once again, I think you misunderstand. Jonah does not demand you post your email address. What he will not have is anonymous postings - so you are find with a handle such as "Robert".

I think if you are just going to post messages that Baha'is are mindless cultists, you should find some other place - this is for more academic discussions. For simple posting of such messages as "You mindless cultists, YOU!" try the talk.religion.bahai newsgroup, or some other board. By persisting in posting off topic, you seem to be exercsing your own compulsive behavior. If you want to talk "Cult" here; read the messages Jonah referred you to and discuss them.

Jonah should not have to defend himself from your continuing charges; if you don't like the hospitality, you have choices.

- Pat

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