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Posted by Robert Stauffer on May 29, 2101 at 12:00:09:

In Reply to: Listen posted by Robert on May 26, 2101 at 15:41:30:

Since the "Robert" name being used by this poster may result in some confusion, I would like to be clear that this person who has continually made irrational charges against the Baha'i Faith, is not Robert Stauffer who is a Baha'i and has regularly been a poster on this website.

Apparently "Robert" is little read on the subject or else he would not expose his igonorance and make such outlandish and unfounded claims against the Baha'i Faith. We can forgive him for this ignornace if he is simply parroting someone else and hope he will begin to read up on the Faith and come to understand what it teaches through his own eyes and not blindly follow some other's misunderstandings.

Since he does not give references where he is getting his mis-information from, we are not able to know at this time who is feeding him such poor information. Perhaps he will devulge his sources in future posts so a reply can be given directly to those who are mis-informing him.


Robert Stauffer

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