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Posted by Darrick Evenson on June 08, 2101 at 18:25:41:

In Reply to: Re: Baha'i Marriage posted by Nick Stone on May 30, 2101 at 14:50:13:

Homosex is a "sin". Baha'u'llah lists "liwat" (Arabic: homosex) as
among "satanic deeds". Such deeds may appear to us (collectively
or individually) as loving, but they are in fact satanic and sinful.
Men who molest children think they are "loving" them, and society is
simply biased and prejudiced against them. They see themselves as
the enlightened ones, and society as wrong. A few primitive societies
think pedophilia is good (like the Melanesians). However, what any
individual or society thinks is irrelevant to Baha'is; who are
commanded to obey the Will of God. Thus, no homosexual marriage (or
homosex at all in any situation) because the Will of God forbids it.
Why? Because He forbids it. Why is it forbidden? Because it is an
abominable sin. Why? We don't know. All we know is that it is sinful
and wrong because God says so; via His Manifestations. If we can't
trust them, then we are not truly Baha'is.
Darrick Evenson

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