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Posted by Rob on June 10, 2101 at 18:58:17:

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Of course each Manifestation of God, whether it be Jesus Christ, Muhammad or Baha'u'llah, sets forth the social laws for the Day of Their appearance, and so we would not necessarily expect to find these social laws to be carried from Dispensation to Dispensation as are the Eternal Laws. Laws regarding cleanliness and appearance are in accordance with the needs of the time; the same may be said of dietary laws. Don't take my word for it, but...It's my understanding that the Baha'i prohibition on men's growth of hair beyond the lobe of the ear (which is not currently universally binding until the Universal House of Justice declares it so) is meant to apply to ear hair, which in some men, can grow plentiful and long from within the ear itself. My understanding is that this prohibition has nothing to do with head hair. I have also heard that at the time of Baha'u'llah it was a practice among some to grow this ear hair as a status symbol. It may also have something to do with temple hair (as in the case of male Orthodox Jews who place extreme emphasis on such growth), but as with all such matters, the Universal House of Justice is the best source for a definitive answer.



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