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Posted by Robert Stauffer on March 16, 2101 at 01:05:40:

In Reply to: What do Bahai think about this? posted by Anne Marie Habibi on February 27, 2101 at 11:11:39:

Baha'is do not believe that everyone is of the same spiritual station as the Messengers of God (i.e. Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Baha'u'llah, to mention a few). Nor do Baha'is believe it is possible for anyone to acheive that Station by their own volition and will power; rather it is a Station of but a few every thousand years or so. This does not negate the fact that humans are spiritual beings of a potentially great stature, what may be termed a "saint" in those cases where a human achieves such greatness. "Without us God's hands are tied," would not be a Baha'i belief, but rather a Baha'i believes without God and His Manifestations, our hands are tied.


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