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Posted by Nick Stone on June 12, 2101 at 04:17:40:

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These seem to point to chastity and purity being predominantly feminine virtues:

"Purity and chastity," He particularly admonishes, "have been, and still are, the most great ornaments for the handmaidens of God. God is My Witness! The brightness of the light of chastity sheddeth its illumination upon the worlds of the spirit, and its fragrance is wafted even unto the Most Exalted Paradise." "God," He again affirms, "hath verily made chastity to be a crown for the heads of His handmaidens. Great is the blessedness of that handmaiden that hath attained unto this great station." "We, verily, have decreed in Our Book," is His assurance, "a goodly and bountiful reward to whosoever will turn away from wickedness, and lead a chaste and godly life.

-- Shoghi Effendi, The Advent of Divine Justice

Mike, I can find plenty of references to chastity in the writings, and they are either related specifically to women, or to men and women in general, but not apparently, ever solely to men. I couldn't find any quotes which explain why this is so. :-( It may be just one of those things we cannot explain, like why God made planets round and not square, why the sky is blue, and why people watch Michael Barrymore.

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