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Posted by Robert Stauffer on March 16, 2101 at 13:02:31:

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This "Journey to the Heart of the Bahai Faith" website is a website which the true Bahai will ignore as it appears to be authored by Covenant breakers. This is self-evident by their having sought to conveniently dispose of the most basic provision of the Baha'i Covenant which clearly calls for Bahais to not associate those who have formed divisions in the Faith. A Bahai website would not call for this kind of association.

I am reminded of a passage from a pamphlet entitled "Protection":

"The Bahais have voiced no objections to individuals or other organizations putting forth whatsoever teachings they may desire, but when attempts are made to ingraft foreign ideas into our cause, we arise in righteous indignation to protect the Revealed Word. We have love for people of other religions who oppose us and meet us in the field of fair argument, but we do not wish to be associated with those who try to make a sect within our Cause. Truth is truth and admits of no division."

There is also the following in another publication entitled "Firmness":

"This avoidance of the nakazeen (violators) applies to all the Bahais, whether they are old and firm in the Cause, or whether they are young in the Covenant. No individual or assemblage of Bahais can, under any conditions, violate this order of the Divine Physician without suffering the inevitable consequence."

I encourage to delete links and references to the website and refuse future postings from them.

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Robert Stauffer

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