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That is a very interesting question. There is a letter from the Universal House of Justice talking a bit about this subject:

Also the authoritative translation of that statement in English is rendered a little differently. Here is the quote from the book is question:

Stressing the superlative character of His Revelation as compared with the Dispensation preceding it,
Bahá'u'lláh makes the following affirmation: "If all the peoples of the world be invested with the powers and
attributes destined for the Letters of the Living, the Báb's chosen disciples, whose station is ten thousand times
more glorious than any which the apostles of old have attained, and if they, one and all, should, swift as the
twinkling of an eye, hesitate to recognize the light of My Revelation, their faith shall be of no avail and they shall
be accounted among the infidels."

So Baha'u'llah is even saying that the Letters of the Living, even though they have such a great station, if they do not recognize Baha'u'llah, then "their faith shall be of no avail". I think that Baha'u'llah chose to speak of the Letters of the Living because they were considered as very Holy and Faithful, but even the most Holy and Faithful individuals could lose faith.

This is just my opinion... What do you think?


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