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Posted by PatK on June 19, 2101 at 18:42:50:

In Reply to: Re: Baha'i historical sites in Turkey...? posted by Rob on June 18, 2101 at 20:04:05:

Allahu Abha!

Rob, the friend of the of the faith wanted to visit some sites, perhaps in Western Turkey. If non-Baha'is need to contact the Turkish NSA, to do this, do you have some address, phone number, or email address to contact the NSA?

Dawud, in Edirne, Baha'u'llah did stay for a year at the house of Rida Big, but I do not know the address, or the neighborhood. Baha'u'llah also stayed at the house of Amru'llah, but again I do not know the details.

Subhi Azal challenged Baha'u'llah to mubahilih. This was to happen at the masjeed of Sultan Salim in Edirne, but Subhi Azal did not show up. As a Baha'i, I find the event to be significant in distinguishing the Azalis from the Baha'is. As a Masjid, I'd be quite surprised if the Baha'is have any control over it; so, you might consider it even if you can't get in contact with the Turkish NSA.

- Pat

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