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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi on June 20, 2101 at 00:08:56:

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Dear anon,
Thanks for your reply. As I have understood that in Urdu translation the word is used "Peghambars" means "Prophetsä, but in your authoritative English translation the word is used as "the apostles" which means tvelve Holy Persons from the followers of Hazrat Eisa(MASI).THE Christians believe them as prophets ,but according to Qura'n they were " Hawaries" (followers).So they are not prophets chosen by the GOD.A person chosen by the GOD can't be turn opposite. Present Christians believes Hazrat Masi as GOD (or son of GOD do), so they consider these Holy Persons as Prophets. As I understand that Bahaâi also consider Prophet of GOD as "Manifestation of GOD" so your concept may be near to Christians , and Urdu translation is prepared accordingly. I also request in your honor, please print out original wording in Persian or Arabic of above paragraph. Secondly the problem is solved as The Haroof-e-Hai,(The Letters of Livings of Bab) were not just like the past Prophets like Hazrat Adam,Hazrat Noh, Hazrat Ibrahim,Hazrat Mosa,or Hazrat Mohammad (piece be upon them).Please reply if you are agree with me.
Thanking you with regards.
Munir A.Qureshi.

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