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Posted by Rob on June 20, 2101 at 11:54:20:

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I was referring you to the Secretariate so you could simply obtain the current Turkish National Assembly address which I do not currently have. Typically, Baha'is must receive permission to visit these site, and I do not know what permission is allowed for non-Baha'is, so that's why I think it best to go through the Secretariate.

The Baha'is own three of the sites where Baha'u'llah lived in Edirne, only one of which still has the house standing, the house of Rida Big. The other sites are with a caretaker's home and/or a garden. All are very close to each other within Edirne and within walking distance of the Mosque of Sultan Salim which is open to anyone.

The Bab and Baha'u'llah each make it very clear in their Writings that they each brought a new revelation from God. However, since many, but not all, of the new social laws were not made binding on the believers in their day (and some are still not binding), most Babis, and Baha'is were allowed/expected to continue to follow their customary religious practices. Baha'u''lah, for example, prayed at Mosques and did not discourage His followers from doing the same. There is nothing in the Faith's writings which prohibit partaking of other religious rituals so long as it does not require negating one's Baha'i beliefs. I know several Baha'is in America who continue to go to church with their Christian friends and family members.


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