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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi on June 24, 2101 at 10:16:26:

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Dear anon,
Thanking you for your reply. From your reply it is clear that "The Letter of Living" were not the prophets and when say Bahaullah that they were ten thousand time better then previous holy persons ,He didn‚t mean that they were superior than past prophets.-(but I will like to see the original context)-Now arise some more questions as follows;-
1.Why did Bab appointed 18 persons as "HAROOF-E-HAI",The Letters of Living?.......When He paraphrase Quranic verses, it was His compulsion to appoint these person as guardian of Hell according to Quranic verse‚s hope you would be well aware from this event, it it is also surprising that the guardian of Hell themselves be hellish.
2. Doctrine of manifestation of God is also due to paraphrase of Quranic view of "KIYAMAT"(Day of Jugement), but at present I do not want to go in details except, you can understand only those excellences which you have to some extent∑..
Munir A. Qureshi.

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