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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi on June 26, 2101 at 10:05:57:

Dear anon,
Thanking you for your reply. I feel you are person who can try to understand other view otherwise most of Bahai's I met ever find them extremist persons about their views. If you have ever a chance to study Quranic & Bible verses about creation of the universe, its existence and end of the whole universe and the verses about the creation of man, his life on the earth and his finish point, but most of the research scholars think & understand only in the light of evolution. If you understand that Qura'n & Bible are Holy Books, please present yourself for some moments in the times of those eras ,when these verses were revealed and understood.....On your desire I am hereby quoting a question, as
----------------REQUEST FOR ANSWER--------------------
Bahaullah says in kitab-I-iqan that at the time of matching Science & chemistry(ELME-PHALSAFA & ELME-KIMIA) are the dead & rejected knowledge and not connecteith pure & everlasting knowledge and not
the right contentions to know the truth.(page-123 kitab-I-iqan printed by Mehfil-E-Milli.) Moreover Bahaullah says on the same page that „ALL UNDERSTANDINGS are riding on a lame donkey & the truth is flying across on the air like an arrow.š He also quotes the noted wording: Knowledge is the biggest veil. After above all wordings how Bahaies make the principle „UNITY OF SCIENCE OF RELIGIONš?
Please also describe the wording of the Book (Iqan) that „A perfect panacea can change brass-metal into gold in a suddenš. Do you believe in ALCHEMY?
2-NEXT QUESTION: - Science of the last eras till Hazrat Mohammad (piece be upon Him) was quite different from our era, so how this principle apply upon that times? If the meanings of „HOLY-BIBLE & HOLY-QURANš were similar to the modern knowledge, what did the people of those eras had understood when these verses revealed before them? If they had understood some things else & you understand other meanings then it is a contradiction not „UNITY OF RELIGIONSš (WAHDAT-E-ADYANS). Please describe?
Munir A. Qureshi,

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