So who IS the Qaim? And who's the Mahdi?

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Posted by Dawud on June 27, 2101 at 17:35:19:

In Reply to: Re: Knowledge is 27 letters posted by Rob Stauffer on June 26, 2101 at 15:42:22:

Is it the Bab or Baha-Allah, or both, who Baha'is say fulfilled all these prophecies?

No idea about Babi/Baha'i gematria, I'm afraid--I can barely fit any of this into my head. To me it's all a bit like reading exegetical interpretations of the Book of Revelation.

Hmmm, since the 18 (alphabetical) "letters of the living" spell bismillah, one could say that the Bab must have revealed at least...well, a bunch of letters anyway.

Does the one numerological scheme necessarily fit with the other other? Obviously your faith commits you to believing in both the Bab's and Baha-Allah's utterances, but would you have to assume they were speaking exactly the same symbolic language? Or is there enough of a common methodology behind this to MAKE it all fit together?

Hmmm, maybe it's the same with the Qa'im/Mahdi aspect too. Maybe there IS no Qa'im or Mahdi, except in the interpretative minds of those who think they (or someone else) is the Qa'im or Mahdi... (Bad thought, bad!)

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