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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi on June 27, 2101 at 23:58:25:

Dear anon,
In your reply you quote that "The Qur'an contains many reference which now can be understood in the context of science." I again request your honors that please try to understand my question first before any of your reply. In the other words you are saying that when the verses were revealed the peoples who were listeners, they were not able to understand and after thousand years now we understand the original meanings. Please do not be blank in your emotions that you forget the principal that any speech is given for the peoples before the speaker and if they couldnât understand the meanings of the words there is no formula that after thousands year you can under stand the original meanings. According to your understanding the meanings of your Holy Books would be understood after ten hundred years. Nothing can be spoken & nothing can understand except present understandings of the time.
Secondly you state that "The Qur'an contains many references which now can be understood in the context of science. I do not know the specific verses, but I will try my best. For example, there is somewhere that says the universe is expanding." I challenge you that you canât prove your claim except wrong meanings of Arabic original text, which were never understood in the past history by the Arabians .Perhaps you want to present Quranic verse from sura "Al-Dhariyat (51/47).The correct English translation is as under:-
"AND WE HAVE BUILT THE HEAVEN WITH OUR OWN HANDS AND VERILY WE HAVE WAST POWERSä. In this verse the Arabic word "LAMOSENOON" DOES'NT means that the universe is expanding and never understood by Arabian translators. Hope you will try to understand the truth which may be bitter for me or for you.....
Munir A. Qureshi.

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