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Posted by anon on June 29, 2101 at 12:22:25:

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The begining of my reply got chopped off somehow. I started by giving a reference to a website address:

IslamiCity - Islam and Science

Then I was talking about how this site lists all these things like the expanding universe and embryology. And how the understanding of these things by the "scientific community" has only recently come into light. So in essence, by these statements, it is saying that the verses revealed may have been understood differently or not at all by the people at the time of their Revelation. But now, we can see what they mean in reference to modern science. By knowing these things in science, we can look back in the Qur'an and see that these verses agree. At least that is the opinion I am getting from this website. Please tell me your thoughts about this.

I think that was pretty much it that didn't make it, the rest continues in the next message reply.


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