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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 02, 2101 at 00:04:02:

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. Dear anon,
I have seen your supposed side "Islamic City-Islam & Science. "I have already written to that, Please be noted that due to change of celestial science by Kepler & Galileo about 4 hundred year ago, several religious issues were criticized and several books were written on those issues just as „A History of the conflict between science and religionš by willum john draper, in which he object the knowledge of Holly Books. Bahaullah was not the first person who feels to change the meanings of the issues given in the Holly Books, several tried to prove the original meanings and several others choose another path the path of hidden meanings of Holly Wordings. (Bahaullah himself taken some time original meanings of the Holy Books but mostly He adopted the hidden meanings as following Bab.)
Other than Babies &Baha‚i faith who adopted new meanings , several other scholars being in there own religion adopted new meanings , such as in Egypt and in India like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
So please note that first the science changed & attacked on old theories than due to this some new religions & tribes came into being".
The Islamic City quoted the same verse Already given to you and the meanings they have written are in the light of modern science not according to Arabic ,& ever understood in past history before the change of celestial science. When anyone wear yellow googols, he will see all the things yellow, tragedy to mankind
With regards,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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