Babi greetings

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The Babi greeting is "Allahu Akbar" and its response is "Allahu Azam." Women say "Allahu Ajmal" and the response is "Allahu Abha" or "Allahu Athar" (I might have the latter backwards).
Babis (or 'Bayanis' as they call themselves) in Central Asia is interesting. Wherever did you hear or read this? I'd be interested to know. There are Bayani communities inside Iran (mostly Azali) but there are also none Azali Bayanis around. Famagusta, Cyprus has a small Azali Bayani community centred around the tomb of Mirza Yahya Subh-e Azal and there are small clusters of Azali communities in Europe, North America and Australasia (mostly families and *all* exclusively Persian).
Some Baha'is have erroneaously gotten it into their heads that Azal was a covenant breaker and that the remaining Bayanis are thus cbs. This is errant nonesense. If Azal never bought into the covenant of his half-brother to begin with, then he cannot have broken a covenant he never even entered into.


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