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Posted by Sayfullah Quddusiyyah on July 03, 2101 at 06:04:54:

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Dear Dawud,

In the 5th chapter of the 6th Wahid of the Persian Bayan, the Bab writes,

Concerning Salution. Men must salute each other with 'Allahu Akbar' (God is the greatest), and answer with 'Allahu A`zam' (God is most mighty); and women with 'Allahu Abha' (God is the most splendorous or glorious) and answer with 'Allahu Ajmal' (God is the most beauteous). And the fruit of this is perchance in the day of the manifestation of Him whom God shall manifest, they will affirm that, after God, He is worthy to be clothed with the raiment of Greatness (Akbariyyat), Mightiness (A`zamiyyat), Splendour/Glory (Abha'iyyat), and Beauty (Ajmaliyyat).

'Athar' (A-T-H-A-R) means 'the most pure'.

I believe the Bayani greetings are still in effect amongst the Bayani communities themselves. For the Baha'is it was Baha'u'llah who simply reduced them to one, i.e. 'Allahu Abha', just prior to the composition of the Aqdas, I believe.

Personally, it my belief that the whole concept of a covenant is problematic and loaded with exclusivistic triumphalisms humanity can do well without, as if a transcendent ipseity would even care about the ideological infractions of a tiny cluster of inhabitants on an insignificant planet in the universe such as earth. Note that when it first appears in the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis the token of such a covenant between Abraham and the Hebrew tribal god - Yahweh - is the circumcision of the male-child. The Baha'i one is problematic but of a more sophisticated kind. That, however, is another conversation. You are welcome to email me at

FYI I am one of those ex-Baha'is recently so designated, i.e. CB Mark-2 (Enemy of the Faith).


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