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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi on July 03, 2101 at 08:34:18:

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Dear anon,
Thanks for your new reply. I think still you are not justifying with the subject, as you say,š I am not sure in what branch of Islam you are a member, but I am wondering if you know the doctrine subject of "badá" or "alteration of God's will". This is accepted in Shi'i Islam. The most obvious example is the sacrifice of Abraham's son. Abraham was devoted and prepared to do this, but the command was taken back and the sacrifice was not necessary. Is this not in the power of God? For if God was not able to change his own decree than he would not be All-Powerful.š A lot of affairs are changeable according to circumstances, such as God allow us to pray for our needs, and I believe that He treat every person according to his behavior , and we can‚t say that He never change His will or order, if so than there is no need to tell the believers to approach Him in their problems. But when He say that He The ALMIGHTLY made the Adam with dust and it is understood as it is, how nest time He can say that Adam was not first person who was made with dust, or He tells us that there was a time when He was alone and afterwards He created all the things, or He inform us that there are seven skies and understood as it is, how He amendment His description, according to human research. If these all thing and such like many others are also changeable than I will say only that knows according to your own research and there is no guidance from your Lord, and your knowledge is dominating on God‚s knowledge, could it be possible? Knowledge given by God is pure and final and note changeable and human research may be suspected and conciderable and may be involved with Setan‚s disturbance. In Quran there are verses that about the quotation of satan as,š He said, So by Thy might, I will surely lead them astray , Except Thy chosen servants from among them.38/82,83. Secondly you write „If this is what you believe, then you have proved that the Revelation of Muhammad was not final. For the context of society has changed, knowledge and science of mankind is different than from 1300 years ago.š Do you give me a guarantee that present human knowledge is final and never be changed, and it is not so how we can say that revelation given to Hazrat Mohammad was not complete. Do you want a religion according to your researched knowledge and wills ? or given Devine statements? Now you have come to Religion Harmony of Science , from Unity of Science & Religion∑∑∑ and you say, „The belief is that science and religion go hand in hand, but they are not one thingš , Why did religion already choose those topics where now present human research apposed ? Do you not understand that you are forced to believe in human research and old religious values are demolished? I have already told you,š So please note that first the science changed & attacked on old theories than due to this some new religions & tribes came into being.š I can understand your arguments if your religion come before the scientific change of the era, as I already written, „Please be noted that due to change of celestial science by Kepler & Galileo about 4 hundred year ago, several religious issues were criticized and several books were written on those issues just as „A History of the conflict between science and religionš by willum john draper, in which he object the knowledge of Holly Books. Bahaullah was not the first person who feel to change the meanings of the issues given in the Holly Books, several tried to prove the original meanings and several others choose another path the path of hidden meanings of Holly Wordings. (Bahaullah himself taken some time original meanings of the Holy Books but mostly He adopted the hidden meanings as following Bab.)
Other than Babies &Baha‚i faith who adopted new meanings, several other scholars being in there own religion adopted new meanings, such as in Egypt and in India like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.š I think it is enough if you want to understand.
Munir A. Qureshi.

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