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Here is some general information from the National Baha'i Website (access for Baha'is only)

Bahá‚í House of Worship


The annual programs on the schedule at the Bahá‚í House of Worship include observances of all Bahá‚í Holy Days
and the following other special events: International Day of Peace, Universal Children‚s Day, United Nations Day,
U.N. Human Rights Day and World Religion Day. It is customary to include special Devotions in the Auditorium, a
Commemorative Program in Foundation Hall and a short reception in this type of event. A program for children,
carrying the theme of the occasion runs concurrent with the Foundation Hall program. Bahá‚ís and other guests are all
welcome. Each summer Special Visit Programs are scheduled for the Bahá‚ís who wish to enrich their relationship with
the House of Worship and learn about the National Center. Such a weekend event runs from Thursday evening
through Sunday noon.

Other activities held here include firesides, consistently offered in Spanish and English, and on occasion in other
languages. Also, Introductory Classes on the Bahá‚í Faith are available on Sunday mornings. Story Time, offered on
selected Saturday mornings, acquaints children with attributes which we need to develop as well as the historic figures
of the Faith. A snack and creative activity are included in the event. Other new activities are emerging. An annual
special event, held in February at the Bahá‚í House of Worship, is the Presentation of the David Kellum Award to
individuals or organizations who „represent a positive role model for youth of all races and contribute service to the
community.š Nominations for the award are accepted on the official form in September each year.

Your own Spiritual Oasis
A Very Special Visit for your Family to The Bahá'í House of Worship

An Invitation to Singers
A memorial service for the Martyrs will be held at the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, IL, on Sunday, July 1, at
7:00 p.m., after the conclusion of the Kingdom Conference in Milwaukee, WI.
The Bahá'í House of Worship Choir cordially invites you to join our ranks for this momentous occasion.

For more information on all activities held at the Bahá‚í House of Worship visit and

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

Q.1 Who plans the programs for the special occasions?
A1. Committees of Spiritual Assemblies and Task Forces appointed by the House of Worship take responsibility for
planning the overall shape of each observance in collaboration with the Bahá‚í House of Worship program
coordinator. Interested parties may contact her at the above address.

Q.2 How do I arrange a memorial at the Bahá‚í House of Worship?

1.Call the Memorial Coordinator at Bahá‚í House of Worship to make a reservation and receive guidelines at

2.There is a 30 day planning period from the date you call for a reservation.

3.The program and music must be planned by you and submitted to the Bahá‚í House of Worship Memorial
Coordinator two weeks before the memorial so there is time for a review, changes and approval.

4.Only finger food can be served during hospitality in the Visitors‚ Center at the Bahá‚í House of Worship.

Q.3 How do I arrange for a Bahá‚í wedding at the Bahá‚í House of Worship?

1.There is a 60 day planning period from the date you come in to the Bahá‚í House of Worship for an interview.
Call the Wedding Coordinator at 847-853-2327 for an appointment.

2.An LSA has to accept the responsibility of witnessing the ceremony and helping the couple. This takes time as
LSA‚s meet every 19 days. They may not have someone available for the wedding date and so another LSA
must be chosen.

3.The wedding program has to be submitted 20 days before the wedding for review to be sure it meets the Bahá‚í
wedding guidelines.

4.Consents of both biological parents must be obtained.

Q.4 Can I have my reception at the Bahá‚í House of Worship?
A4. Only Holy Days and other special events can be hosted at the Bahá‚í House of Worship. We have a list of
places in the area where you can have your reception.

Q5. When are devotions held at the Bahá‚í House of Worship?
A5. Monday through Saturday from 12:15 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sunday from 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Q6. How can I read at the Bahá‚í House of Worship for devotions?
A6. Call the Devotions Coordinator at 847-853-2327 and let her know when you are available. If you have not
read here before then we‚ll arrange for a training session. After the training session you‚ll be put on the readers list to
be called to read at Sunday‚s devotions.

Q7. I know a great musician (or speaker or chanter, etc.) who will be in Chicago soon. Is there something they could do at the
Bahá‚í House of Worship?
A7. That individual should contact the program coordinator as soon as possible to discuss whether an opportunity
exists for them to offer their expertise here on the planned trip. CDs and tape recordings may be sent ahead by
individuals who simply wish to be known available for such services whether they have plans to be here in the near
future or not.

Q8. My community wants to visit the Bahá‚í House of Worship together. Can you set up any special activity schedule for us?
A8. Sometimes this is possible. Contact the Programs/Activities coordinator six or more weeks in advance of your
projected date of travel to investigate what might be done to enhance your community visit.

Q9. Is there a Bookshop at the Bahá‚í House of Worship?
A9. Yes. The Bahá‚í Book Shop is an independent outlet for deepening and teaching materials at the House of
Worship. Although it primarily stocks books, it also has a selection of audio and video products, magazines, cards,
and artwork. The Book Shop is also the venue for a series of weekly story-telling activities for children and the young
at heart. It is an oasis of resources for those desiring a deeper understanding of the Bahá‚í Faith.

Q10. Are there opportunities to serve in the Book Shop?
A10. Yes, especially during the summer hours (May 1 to Sept. 30) when the Book Shop and the Visitors Center
has extended hours. Some of responsibilities of Book Shop staff include: cashiering, answering visitor questions about
our literature, and stocking shelves.

Your own Spiritual Oasis
A Very Special Visit for your Family to The Bahá'í House of Worship

You are invited to participate in the 2001 Special Visit Program at the Mashriqu'l Adhkár. These visits are created to
offer the friends who live farther from the Mother Temple a spiritual oasis in which to relish a memorable experience
with this sacred place. Two visits are scheduled for this summer. (Low advance enrollment may cause the cancellation
of either of these.) Choose one of the following times for your visit:

July 5th - 8th. Register by June 1st 2001.
(Thursday evening, 6:00 p.m., through Sunday afternoon, 2:00 p.m.)
August 2nd - 5th. Register by July 1st 2001.
(Thursday evening, 6:00 p.m., through Sunday afternoon, 2:00 p.m.)

Special Visit Program Highlights:
Tours of: the Bahá'í Home, Publishing Trust, Media Services, Archives, Bahá'í House of Worship, National Center
Presentations on Properties and Restoration
Audio-visual and film programs
Bahá'í Bookstore shopping
Enrichment sessions from the offices of Pioneering and National Teaching Committee and House of Worship
Garden teaching and guiding opportunities
Option to read in daily devotional programs in the Auditorium
Classes and activities for children (from age 5 to 11)
Some youth specific activities if a sufficient number register
Also: group photo, lakeshore park with beach close by and other free time Bahá'ís may bring friends and family who are not
registered Bahá'ís with the understanding that some activities may require supplementary explanation for these visitors.

Spiritual Oasis Application

Please direct inquiries to:
The Activities Office
at (847) 853-2327.

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