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Posted by PatK on July 04, 2101 at 21:48:18:

In Reply to: Allahu...Akbar! Two down, (b) to go! posted by Dawud on July 03, 2101 at 01:02:41:

:D: More recently I've heard that some ex-Baha'is have been considered CB's--not for leaving the faith, but for being especially
divisive or outspoken in criticizing it. Presumably those of us who were never in it would be ineligible for this designation, the
Babi situation notwithstanding, though we might still manage to get named "enemies of the faith." (Come to think of it,
members of one LSA *did* threaten to strip away my donut-eating rights if my Baha'i jokes didn't get better!)

PK: People make mistakes all the time. The Baha'is who have harassed his holiness, Sayfullah, are patently not shunning him. Sayfullah is under unusual circumstances and I have every reason to believe that the NSA of the country he lives in has directed the Baha'is to leave him alone. The whole thing seems incompletely worked out, w/ obvious contradictions

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