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Posted by Dawud on July 05, 2101 at 18:57:25:

In Reply to: Re: I'd rather have the full, unexpurgated version of Nabil's Narrative (NT) posted by Rob on July 05, 2101 at 18:21:06:

There's got to be some reason why they're sitting on this. Either the original has something REALLY embarrassing in it, and/or they're planning to publish it themselves in some form (like they did for the Bab's writings, maybe?) and don't want a more accurate version competing with theirs, let alone coming out FIRST.

Hmmm, what are the chances that non-Baha'i scholars could win relief from the Israeli government? That and the bootleg index thing worked in the case of the Dead Sea Scrolls... Really, the Baha'i authorities should be ashamed of themselves. Just because they've been made custodians of history doesn't give them the right to conceal it from everybody else outside their ruling clique. "Unfettered investigation of truth" my bohiney...

Sorry for the rant, true believers--in general you're great people and I like you, but your religion has a dark side too.

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