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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 06, 2101 at 13:49:57:

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Dear anon,
I read your answer this evening. I am strange that you wrote,>š Who‚s understanding do you talk about? From my experience, the Christians await the Return of Christ - then that will be the end of the world/the time of resurrection. Muhammad did not fulfill this... so this obviously contradicts the Christian understandingš<, Do Bahai"s not give arguments from Qura"n in the favor of Bahai fath. So, do you not think that others have no arguments, and they have no truth from Bible in the arrival of Islam? Question is not for it that what Christians say , what Muslims say or what Bahai say, what I say & what you describe, fact is this that what Holy Books Say. Do you not in knowing that At the time of Hazrat Mohammad their was a tribe of Christians, believe that Jesus Christ was only a prophet of God and He was not son of God, they called "Nastoori", all Historian had written this fact, and you should also be well in knowledge that the First man who were a scholar of Christianity and relative of Hazrat Mohammad‚s (pbuh) wife, had agreed that You may be the new Messenger of God, Did He didn‚t understand the Bible. Please read History if you don‚t go thoroughly from the past Holly Books. We can prove you that in Bible it is quite clear the arrival of Prophet of Islam. Quran also claim, that who believe in This Prophet read forecasting about Him in Bible, you also believe in Hazrat Mohammad, do you not believe, you can also tell Christians about this fact, so your argument is not correct.
Secondly you wrote that
>„Christians all believe that Jesus was God on Earth and that after his crucifixion, that he physically rose from the dead and lived again. The Qur'an contradicts this so Christians would just as easily say that "Muhammad changed the meanings and understanding of the Holy Booksš<, I have already informed you that all of us are well introduced that at the time of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh), all Christians donšt believe that He was God .You should not quote that one‚s believe that He was God you should quote the specific verse and then you will find the answer.
You didn‚t reply my main arguments relating the creation of universe, Adam, end of the universe, situation of Angles, Satan and other related verses already described in Holly Bible & Holly Qura‚n, and theory of special creation as described before in place of present theory of evolution, but you turned to the other subjects before giving a single verse of previous Holly Books in your favor.

You have also written,šwe are both grounded in different cultures and different understandings, so it is sometimes hard to express exactly what we want to express to each other.š Dear anon, we are not any inferior creation of a different culture and different understanding, we are also the citizen of this earth and understand your ABC, please try to understand my views. Please also note that why how I can stand against any reality if I understood that you are right and also be noted that I am not against you or your cause as an enemy. This is only as you are opposing me. Be happy with your friends & wills. May God bless you His desires∑∑∑.∑∑∑Thanking you for staying with me.
Munir A. Qureshi.

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