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Posted by Rob on July 10, 2101 at 18:12:59:

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I would agree that these histories, no matter how tainted by the author's own biases and interpretations, should be available for anyone seeking to understand the Baha'is and their Faith, including the second part of "The Dawn-breakers" by Nabil. What is needed here is a true understanding from the Institutions of the Faith, why this volume, or others, has not been released to scholars. I recall seeing a letter from the UHJ stating the original version of Dawn-breakers was not available for scholars, but do not recall any specific reason being given. We may suppose this or that reason in our own minds, but to be fair, unless we can get some difinitive statement from the UHJ, our guesses are only that. Likewise, we need to understand why Shoghi Effendi only translated the first part of "The Dawn-breakers", and not, also, the second part. Perhaps there are letters from him or on his behalf which will clarify this.

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