Re: English expression according to Bahi-Faith?

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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 12, 2101 at 10:37:07:

In Reply to: Re: English expression according to Bahi-Faith? posted by Mehran on July 11, 2101 at 23:53:15:

Dear Mehran,
Thanks for your reply, and I don't reject and agree with you that His selected persons are capable to know His sayings, but as He sent all His wordings for understandings His guide ness and He also advice us to consider on His "Aayats", and He also said that "WATAQULLAHA YA-ULLAHMAKOMULLAH", (Be afraid of Him and He will give you knowledge), I simply understand that meanings of this verse are that all the adornment of Allah and the good provisions, in this word which He has brought forth for His Servants, but His disobedient persons also use these adornments and provisions in this world moreover they occupied these blessings. But He says that when „Yoom-e Qayamaš will come and a new life will start again then adornments and provisions will be only for His favorites servants and the persons how are be punished couldn‚t be able to achieve these blessings, accept the things be suggested for them. Do you agree with me? I am still ready to understand your's or any other Bahai‚s clarifications about this verse according to Bahai‚s understandings of „YOOM-E-KIYAMAš.
Please take my explanations positively and please don‚t think intentionally against, every person who wants to understand the realities.
Yours truly,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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