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Posted by Misagh on July 12, 2101 at 20:23:29:

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I'm definately no expert on this subject, but I'll tell you what I
do know. If you look in the Provisional Translation page on this site,
you'll see that there are untranslated tablets dealing with the interpretation of
scripture, medicine, explanations of verses from the Qu'ran (and
possibly other Holy Books), poetry that means to transport us to
spiritual realms we can't even imagine, principles of living in a
Baha'i society, marriage, the origins of the universe and celestial
bodies, the disclosure of scientific knowledge, and many many other

And, as you may or may not be aware, many times important concepts
and teachings are hidden in between Scripture here and there. This
is why the Writings are like an "ocean", with pearls of knowledge hidden
within this ocean. Basically, we can't know how much knowledge is hidden
in those untranslated Tablets, simply by looking at the title of the Tablet.

A friend of mine was telling me that his
father was reading a tablet of Baha'u'llah (untranslated from the original Arabic,
and apparently quite sophisticated in its Arabic usage) which was
speaking about the equality of men and women, and disclosing how
much freedom and honour women have been given in the Baha'i

So, perhaps there is more than just praises of God and encouragement
in the Tablets that have yet to be translated.

Take care!
- Misagh

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